When is the best time to send SMS?

On: Jul 10, 2014    In: Tips & Best Practices

When sending any kind of communication, timing is always key to the success of that campaign. If you are sending B2B you need to make sure your message arrives within business hours, and if it’s B2C you need to make sure you do not disturb your recipients at irregular hours of the day but in both cases ensure that your message is successfully received, read and understood.

The best time to send an SMS is often dependant on your industry and the content of your message. For example:

  • Gaming messages have most effect between 6pm and 10pm weekdays and all weekend, as that’s when your recipients are receptive to engaging in that kind of activity.
  • Retail messages would be more appropriate on the weekend or during the day, to engage people when they are likely to take up the offer. For sales or promotions, you might want to inform people the day before to give them time to prepare to be there / logon.
  • Operational messaging is relevant at different times of the day. So for example, if your shopping is due to be delivered on a Thursday evening, you need to know on Wednesday afternoon that you only have a short time remaining to amend your order. However, if your holiday tickets are ready to collect, you would want to know as soon as possible.

Making sure your SMS is on timeman_holding_phone

When sending SMS you need to be aware that if you just send it, it could be delivered at any time during the 3 days after deployment. To ensure that your message is delivered at a time that suits your customer and your promotion, Dynmark has two helpful features.

  • Sociable Hours, which can be set to ensure that your message is not delivered outside of sensible times of the day. For example 9am – 8pm Monday to Saturday. This will prevent your message being delivered at a time inconvenient for the customers.
  • Validity Period, which can be set to any length of time up to 3 days, to prevent your message being delivered after a certain time. For example, you have a 1 day special offer starting at 10am on your website. Your campaign is deployed at 10am, you set a validity period of 24 hours to ensure that your message is not delivered after the promotion has finished.

Essentially the best way to ensure that your message is received well is to make sure that it is at a time convenient for both the recipient and you and most of all that it is relevant.

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