When and Why Would You Use a Dedicated Long Number?

On: Aug 25, 2015    In: Tips & Best Practices

Dedicated long numbers enable you to have your own unique number for all your inbound and outbound messages, allowing you to send and receive SMS or MMS from the same number, every time. They are perfect for brands that want a permanent and powerful SMS presence, and are the most cost effective way of enabling 2-way messaging with your customers. By purchasing a dedicated number it enables you to receive SMS from any mobile user on any mobile network, worldwide.

What do you use Long numbers for?


A dedicated long number can be used in many ways for marketing or operational purposes. However as the presence of an actual phone number is more reassuring to customers (that they aren’t paying a premium rate), long numbers are often well suited for operational SMS, for existing customers. Here are some examples:-

  • Chat services
  • URL sending/forwarding
  • Customer service communications
  • Two way messaging
  • Voting
  • Receiving more information
  • Managing opt-outs

What are the Benefits?

A dedicated long number has the same format as a standard mobile number and replies can be sent straight back to your account providing your customers with a new and inexpensive way of getting in touch with you.

whymobileUsing a long number allows you to engage with employees and customers, and get their instant response, plus it allows customers to save the number in their phones.

It provides fast, cheap international accessibility and is easy to set up. Anyone can send an SMS directly to a dedicated number. With many different local area codes available for region-specific needs.

How does it Work?

After collecting either a list of subscribers who have opted in, or your segmented customers (so relevant to the campaign), the long number can be used to send out deals, promotions, updates and other correspondence to those subscribers and customers in bulk SMS campaigns or smaller more relevant batches of messages.

When consumers send an SMS to your long number, they initiate a conversation on the most personal level, expecting a meaningful experience in return. If you want to get feedback from customers, or allow customers to respond to their orders, a long number provides an easy way to accomplish this. New Call-to-action