using SMS to promote events

On: Oct 1, 2015   

Organising an event can involve months of planning and SMS provides the perfect tool to connect with people as well as providing an excellent opportunity to promote a brand or product.  The most important part to planning any successful event is effective communication and as SMS is one of the most efficient ways to reach out to large audiences instantly, it should be a key part of an event planner's communications mix. Here are our some top tips to increase attendance at your next event.

Learn from Previous Events

By reviewing your data  and looking back at what has worked and what hasn’t before you begin the planning process, can help your improve your communications.  In the earliest stages of event advertising process, a mobile keyword could make it easier for people, who are interested in the event, to be able to text your keyword for more information encouraging them  to opt into your contact list.

“Celebrity Chef event in Cheltenham, REPLY to 60006 for more info & discounted rates”

Create Excitement

Reaching out to your mobile subscribers to share news about your event can help you stand out in and increased the reach of your event.  SMS can be used to give your audience a reason to be excited about an event, communicating little details leading up to the event can create enthusiasm about your upcoming activity and your could win them over, leading to purchase. Sending fun little reminders hype the event up!

“Ainsley Harriott is coming to this years Food Festival for more info go to"

“To win a Cookery Book of your choice text WIN now to 60006!”.

Get people to Share the Event

People like sharing information, and as SMS has the capability to make your offer go viral and spread much further than just your own database list it should be top of your list.  Everything from social media profiles presents a great opportunity for businesses to leverage their SMS efforts, connecting you with your customer with the click of a button. Your audience is probably already using these social media websites on their phone, why not make it easy for them to simply click on a link and connect with your page.

“Tell your friends about Food Fest & check out”

Include the right Information

Once the customer has bought their ticket, it is important to keep them updated and have all the information they need on sending confirmation such as including a link to a map or a parking itinerary for that day.

Interact With Your Audience

Offering freebies or discounts is a great way to engage and entice customers to come,  by sending an SMS a few hours before  the event offering a free drink or incentive can be a great way to keep the event fresh in their minds and bring more people in earlier in the evening.

“Feeling Hungry? There's 20mins before the next act. Hotdogs are only £3."

“Present this message at the gates & receive a free wine tasting session"

When It’s All Over…stay engaged!

Just because your event is finished, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue to build a relationship with your customers.  By sending a follow-up message, you’re allowing attendees to engage with you further.  Sending a short survey right after the event asking what they liked, which speakers were best, how the food was etc,  will open up communication after the event.  Have attendees text questions or send mobile photos to displays around your event or using SMS messages to enlist their help getting other people involved keeping in touch with guests months after the event. Or for that little extra touch send a friendly thank you SMS for coming along to the event with a link to more upcoming events.

‘We really enjoyed your company!  Text FOODFEST to 60006 & claim 10 offer.”

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