On: Oct 13, 2015    In: Tips & Best Practices

SMS is a highly versatile communication channel that is not only a successful channel on its own but is easy to mix and has become an essential part of effective multi-channel marketing.  The choice of marketing channels is critical to a successful l campaign and integrating your marketing efforts can help improve your campaigns, delivering better results for your business.

Multichannel marketing provides brands with more than one way to get profitable results, providing a range of options to deliver a prescribed customer journey. Here are some of the ways you can do this:

Using SMS to Encourage Email

With around 43% of consumers now accessing emails via a mobile device, SMS is a great way to remind customers to read their emails sent hours or even days before, therefore increasing email open rates. Whilst SMS and email have important similarities, so by combining email and SMS you have the option to send the right message at the time your consumer prefers or to complement your email marketing efforts.

“If you get on our email list you’ll get more discounts! Reply with EMAIL JOIN!”

Drive Traffic to Your Website

With SMS you have 160 characters, so by including a link to your website in your SMS campaign you can prompt consumers to read more on your website. This could be the perfect way to drive traffic to your website. This will allow you to show a lot more, whether it’s a competition to encourage brand loyalty or you need to share some important T&Cs.  

 “Flash Sale on Home items. Claim your coupon http://dyn/shop

Familiar links with a Brand Code

More companies are using a multi-channel marketing approach to drive customers in store and online. By adding a short code and keyword to your media campaign can be a great way to simplify a response helping you to track interest. You can familiarise your customers with branded links, ensuring the reader recognises the brand.  You can also set up an auto response message for when customers text in, which can lead to a range of calls to action, including directing them to your website.

Using SMS through Social Media

With 78% of mobile users  accessing social media through their smartphones it is an excellent way to engage and build your SMS opt-in list,  the customers who follow you on social media are already interested in you so they are more likely to be responsive towards promotions, for example, asking Facebook followers to text “Treat to 60006”, an auto response can be set up  encouraging them to forward a link to their friends, which in turn gathers a list of people who are interested in their campaign.

SMS is Integral to Multi-Channel Marketing