Top 10 Reasons to Use SMS

On: Sep 22, 2015   

SMS is very versatile, and continually being used globally as a successful marketing channel throughout all industries. Business are always looking at ways to make their businesses more mobile-friendly and with SMS campaigns having over 7 times greater performance than email, SMS has become extremely successful offering the widest reach possible. With SMS proving to be one of the most essential tools for business, here are 10 excellent reasons why you should be using SMS for your next campaign.

1. It is Fast and Effective: With a 98% open rate, SMS has become the most reliable way to ensure your message gets seen, providing a fast, effective and versatile way for brands to directly engage with their consumers.

2. Has an Excellent Response Rate: The average response time of an SMS is 90 seconds, so whether you send a price based, time sensitive, or location based offer, your response rates will ensure you effectively target both new and existing customers.

3. It Doesn’t Rely On Internet Access: With 60% of global mobile consumers using their mobile device as their primary or exclusive internet source SMS overcomes these technological issues.

4. Gives Instant Communication: More and more people are becoming comfortable with SMS as a main form of communication, giving companies the ability to communicate with their client-base in an instant.  With SMS only taking 7 seconds to send and deliver mobile users are more likely to open the message instantly making SMS the front-runner when it comes to instant communication.

5. Creates Personal Interaction: Mobile phones are very personal devices. You can use SMS marketing to send targeted and personalised messages to your customers letting them in on the secret sale or a simple thank you message after a purchase helping build trust and loyalty with your customers.

6. Has an Opt-in and Opt out Option:  SMS is ideal for managing opt-in/out communications with 49% of customers interested in opting into an SMS marketing campaign,  it is important people only receive the communications that they are interested in.  Besides entering a mobile number, there is rarely any personal information required up front providing an immediate, direct response channel.

7. Can Create Alerts and Reminders:  Scheduling SMS reminders and alerts is effective, time saving and inexpensive and as a result can be used to update a rapidly changing situation, such as the cancellation of a parents meeting at school, or notifying staff of office closures and meetings updates. 

8. Builds Your Brands Conversation: The number of companies adopting SMS as part of their communications strategy continues to grow, and with 77% greater conversion rate people are able to engage with their brand with two-way SMS dialog, helping open the doors of conversation between brand and consumer and improving customer experience in a useful way.   

9. Tracks Your Progress:  Tracking is an essential element of any marketing campaign and with SMS each message you send can be measured and monitored on real time via an SMS reporting system. By profiling and segmenting out numbers that are least likely to respond, SMS allows companies to target those customers via email or another channel.  

10. Reaches Out: SMS is the most effective way to reach out to customers and with more and more consumers buying goods through their smartphones it makes sense to communicate through a method that is more smartphone-friendly.

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