The Definition of Message Archive

On: Jul 7, 2014    In: Glossary

The Message Archive service was developed as a way for our customers to find and report on messages sent and received from their account up to 13 months previously. This service can be used in addition to reporting, or in the case of complaints or issues about specific recipients’ messages.

The FSA requires on 6 months of digital communications to be stored for financial services companies under the Sarbanes Oxley Act 2002, but we provide 13 months. This means you can be sure your organisation will be utterly secure.

The message archive is free to Dynmark customers and completely indestructible, meaning it will securely protect your messaging forever. This audit trail is vital for any company taking up mobile messaging as a form of marketing or transactional communication.

Download more information on the Message Archive here, or get a copy of our UK Messaging Compliance eBook below.

UK Compliance eBook