Supporting The Customer Journey With SMS

On: Sep 1, 2015    In: Tips & Best Practices

customer-lifecycleRetail has become a very personal experience and your customer’s journey is essential, from the moment the customer registers their interest in your company, through to the purchase and feedback. SMS can provide you with the ideal tool to promote, update customers with news, booking and order confirmations and most importantly, buy from you. You want customers to stay customers and the ways you can use SMS to ensure this and improve your customers journey are endless.

What Information do you have about Your Customer?

You’ll be surprised at what data already exists in your organisation. Whether you have a CRM database or an excel spreadsheet, have a look at what existing information could be used to add value to your customers. Getting the customer’s name and phone number is key to building your customer database and providing an SMS service.

Determine your customer’s preference

Because SMS can be personal, it’s a great way to get to know your customers better and develop a good customer/brand relationship. Using the opt-in process to determine your customer's marketing preferences and understanding their needs, wants, and buying habits can help meet their expectations. Looking back at past campaigns to see which offers they’ve redeemed (clicked on), and which have been ignored, or sending an SMS with links to products or relevant vouchers related to items they’ve purchased from you previously will help build your relationship.

“We can see that you redeemed our last makeup collection voucher, check out this week’s hot deal at”

Create a Dialoguechat_blog

It’s important to understand that anytime you are trying to promote your brand or product that you are engaging your customers in a journey, the beauty of SMS being that it provides the opportunity to start a dialogue. By opening the doors of conversation between brand and consumer and creating customer engagement you are ultimately creating a stronger relationship, and building brand trust.

For example a customer has been sent a coupon via SMS and goes into a shop to redeem this, the system recognises the customer has made a purchase and sends a response with a customer satisfaction survey, which then provides an opportunity for them to give feedback on their experience and tailor future offers.

Keep Your Customer Interested

It is important when sending an SMS to your customer that you keep them interested, every message you send should have some type of call to action, for example asking customers to opt-in, shop at your store or clicking through to a link, will all help get good results from your campaign. Many businesses achieve geo_map_blogsuccess with their SMS campaigns by sending offers and discounts that are relevant to their interests and related location. This includes offers and promotions, but it can also include tips, customer service initiatives, helpful information, and more. You can also connect your SMS subscriber list with your VIP or loyalty program, sending out exclusive access or deals to reward devoted customers.

‘Spend £10 this weekend and earn £5 in bonus points which can be redeemed on selected products’ reply Yes to redeem“

Create a Good Customer Experience and Deliver Good Service

customer_service_blogSMS can be a valuable customer service tool letting someone know their product has been successfully ordered, updates, when it’s been shipped and delivered can help you get into customers' good books. Providing SMS can also free up customer service phone lines; a customer could simply send an SMS requesting a call back, instead of having to wait on hold… saving them and your staff time and money!

“Good news, your item has been dispatched and is due to be delivered by 12/09/15. Enjoy your purchase!”

Sending a simple SMS to follow up a delivery and making sure the customer is content with the service and product is a perfect way to round off the customer’s journey, leaving a happy customer who will hopefully use your company again and tell their friends!

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