On: Nov 3, 2015    In: Intelligence

As more consumers become comfortable with using their phone to communicate with brands, 
companies are understanding the importance of using data wisely and that data analysis, is the key to ensuring you can achieve higher engagement, whilst increasing ROI.

The importance of Intelligent data

Digital technology provides consumers with access to a range of channels, from which they can interact, engage and develop a relationship with a brand. Each interaction that a consumer has creates data that allows businesses to understand when, where and how your customers use their mobile devices. This increased insight provides brands with the knowledge to tailor campaigns suited to a target audience. Not all mobile platforms provide you with access to this data, here are three unique services that will help you send more effective SMS campaigns:

Track What Your Customers Are Doing

The success of campaigns and the quality of content can be measured by looking at response times and by using URL links in your SMS campaigns.  Marketers are now able to track and see in
real-time how many of their users are clicking a link, allowing for each single mobile interaction to be tracked, down to the individual number.

Using this specific data can quickly tell you how engaged customers are, compared with previous messages you’ve sent. The more data you gather the more you can segment your data. With the right information you can send campaigns specifically to those more likely to click on a link or those that are often ‘non-clickers’.

Filter Your Message to the Relevant People

On average 20% of SMS are sent to numbers that no longer exist. Keeping an up to date mobile database is key to a successful campaign and securing a strong ROI. Depending on what type of message you are planning on sending, not all of your audience will need or want to receive it.  Intelligent filtering can help you filter out dead or inactive mobile numbers that are more likely to provide a negative response which will help you to stop sending messages to people who are not interested in your campaign.

Keeping your database up to date will not only ensure you are not wasting money and time, but give you the ability to build customer profiles, ensuring that you send a message to a customer who is more likely to respond in a positive way.

Query the Behaviour of Your Mobile Audience

Gathering data from customer behaviour plays an important part in an SMS campaign but trying to analyse it with so much information can often be difficult. When uploading your mobile data you can extract behavioural information on each number giving you a better insight to deliver targeted and personal messaging campaigns to your customers.

If a customer has a high positive response rate then you might want to reward their loyalty with special offers.

SMS marketing can quickly grow and strengthen customer relationships and having the correct Information is important, by using Intelligence services it will ensure you only send accurate strong campaigns. It will enable you send a message that is targeted, relevant and being received by the right people.

Understand your Mobile Audience