Liz James

Product Manager for Dynmark

New customers now get 50 free credits for testing Dynmark services

Liz James, Apr 7, 2016


Starting today, new free trial customers will be granted 50 free credits which can be used to send SMS to your account mobile number to test Dynmark SMS services; including, sending SMS, Phone Number Validation and Verify.

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Verify user mobile numbers using a simple REST interface

Liz James, Mar 14, 2016


This week Dynmark adds a new service to its arsenal of SMS capabilities; Verify is a new REST interface that allows you to Verify that a user owns a mobile number they have provided. This service allows you to not only protect your business by ensuring the messages you send are delivered to the correct user, but also to protect your user by establishing a trusting relationship right from the moment the user signs up.

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3 Examples of how to Use Intelligent Filtering

Liz James, Sep 3, 2014

We know why our Intelligent Services can be beneficial for your business, but we also know why it can be quite complicated and that sometimes examples are the best way to explain it. In this post we will illustrate some of the ways you can use Intelligent Filtering to:

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Tips for Choosing and Managing your SMS Keyword Campaigns

Liz James, Aug 29, 2014

Keywords and shortcodes are a great tool to aid SMS marketing. Using them on collateral, advertising, posters, products; all sorts of things really, is guaranteed to draw in new customers, new opportunities and increase data accuracy. However, there are some easy pits to fall into when choosing a keyword.

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How to use SMS as part of a Multi-Channel Campaign

Liz James, Jul 17, 2014

Not only is SMS a successful and profitable platform on its own, it can also be used to support marketing campaigns that operate across a range of channels as well as an excellent way of capturing data.

Speak to any mobile user and they'll likely tell you they've had the experience of receiving a text message from a company that includes a call-to-action. This could include a link to a mobile app or mobile website, a one-off promotion or an email notification.

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How to Manage Opt-ins and Opt-outs for SMS in the UK

Liz James, Jul 15, 2014

As a global provider of cloud messaging services, Dynmark now has an obligation to support its customers and partners with the knowledge necessary to meet the various legal and moral standards for communication via SMS. This eBook will provide support in the forms of guides and helpful tips to promote the use of ethical messaging. Further support can be found in the Cloud Portal under Support.

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When is the best time to send SMS?

Liz James, Jul 10, 2014

When sending any kind of communication, timing is always key to the success of that campaign. If you are sending B2B you need to make sure your message arrives within business hours, and if it’s B2C you need to make sure you do not disturb your recipients at irregular hours of the day but in both cases ensure that your message is successfully received, read and understood.

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The Definition of Message Archive

Liz James, Jul 7, 2014

The Message Archive service was developed as a way for our customers to find and report on messages sent and received from their account up to 13 months previously. This service can be used in addition to reporting, or in the case of complaints or issues about specific recipients’ messages.

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How to make your transactional SMS stand out from the crowd!

Liz James, Jul 2, 2014

Many brands are learning that transactional communications are far more likely to resonate with an audience that plain old marketing messages. However, how should you be using your transactional comms as a way to market to or potential sell to your customers, as well as to improve customer experience?

The transactional SMS probably accounts for more than half for A2P messaging. Brands all over the world see the benefits of letting a customer know the progress, success, failure and status of their purchases. There are all sorts of examples, including;

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Gala Bingo using SMS to Increase Customer Attendance

Liz James, Jun 30, 2014

Gala Bingo, the UK’s largest Bingo Operator, runs over 140 clubs from Peterhead to Plymouth. Every one of its 4,500 people is focused on going further than anyone else, to guarantee that over one million customers a year, experience the best buzz in Bingo.

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